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Most Fabulous website designing company Bangalore. Get the stunning web designs and then enhance your brand identity. All the customizations which are made here will be useful to help your business sales and services. with our assistance of experience team with great expertise for sure there will be tremendous change for good. In every responsive web design that we make, there will be lot of features like grid based layout and the images which are apt to the service and content.


Whatever might be ideas which the clients have, our staff will be ready to research on the same and bring them to reality. As per the concept of the business we start with the sketch taking all the ideas, possibilities and specifications of the client. We go ahead and then understand the customers’ requirements as well. Great deal of attention is given to coding, technology, content, images and give the website a creative and new look which will be different from all the clients competitors.

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HTML5 Web Application

Html5 or Hyper Text Markup language version 5 , is a New, Free, Open source, dynamic programming language, recommended by W3C Consortium & WHATWG. Generally, HTML5 is an embedded language with XML syntax, superseded by the much more powerful Cascading Style Sheets, with an emphasis on DOM scripting, and easy to integrate with Media & Music API’s, Cross-document messaging, and MIME Support. In essence of web application development, HTML5 is a convenient web tool to build dynamic and simple applications used by HTML5 web development company.

We provide the following services
  • Creating dynamic HTML websites with blogs, forums, and articles.
  • Managing web tools integrations, and web services – both offline and online.
  • Sketching 2D & 3D image processing, file casting services, HTML canvas 2D context.
  • Maintenance of Microdata (HTML5), Adobe Flash Themes, MIME Types.
  • Localizing Windows servers, HTTP, FTP, and UDP services.

We are one of the well known html5 web development company and we have a team of skilled HTML5 Developers concentrated on latest XML integrations; Audio & Video support By Google API, CSS Manifest, Content Scripting, and other. Using all these aspects of the HTML5, our expert team of Omkarsoft Web design and Website Development makes your website more responsive website and most adaptable to change.

At Omkarsoft web design, we build a smooth transaction websites from desktop to mobile platform using HTML5 ,CSS3, JavaScript and many such languages. When compared to other companies, we have developed number custom themes that assist us in the reduction of cost and time to promote the need for moving of website to Mobile website.


  • It is a very simple and powerful CMS. It can be fully customized to implement any functionality.
  • Plug-in → you can install a plug-in to add any extra feature to your Wordpress site. There are thousands of free plug-ins available that can easily convert a Wordpress website into anything you need.
  • Themes → simply by installing a new theme, you can give a new look & functionality to your Wordpress site. Whatever your requirements may be, you will surely find a theme that is appropriate for your site. There are thousands of free themes available.
  • Anyone can easily manage a Wordpress site, without any knowledge of PHP or HTML. You can login to the admin part of your website and easily manage its content with simple and user-friendly interface.
  • 100% open-source + Strong Development community → Wordpress has a very strong and active development community. You can be sure that, whatever problems or doubts may arise, you will find an answer fast within the Wordpress community.